What Fitness Exercises are Good for Golf

What Fitness Exercises are Good for Golf

Success in Golf game mostly depends on the player’s fitness. Remember the killer ripped abs of Tiger Woods! If you want to be successful as him, then start from the fitness he had. An expensive golf set can only give you some help in technicalities and comfort. But a perfect swing of a golf club depends on your fitness and flexibility.

You can break you barrier in golf game by getting into your best shape. Make your body fit and flexible. Increase your stamina. Your swing will be get strengthen too.


We offer you some best exercise that you can do to improve your fitness:

  1. Running : Try to run for thirty minutes, five times in a week. It is scientifically proven that this amount of running will help your health in many ways. It will help to prevent obesity, heart diseases, bold pressure and so on. Use a comfortable, light weight, well balanced running shoe while you run - https://spryshoes.com/best-budget-running-shoes/. This will help you to keep enhanced gait balance in running. Using running shoe will save you from injuries and will scaffold in many ways to push through your boundaries. By running regularly you can burn of the extra fat imposed on your body. It will increase the quality of your heart. Running will make you strong and Fit.

  2. Lateral Lungs : This will increase the stability and strength of your hips and legs. At first stand in your natural posture. Then take a comparatively large step to your left side. Bend your left knee slowly while keeping your right one extended and shift you body weight to the left. Now slowly return to your normal position. Now do this to your right side. Perform this exercise 1 to 4 times with an 8-10 reps and 30 seconds rest time.

  3. Seated Rotation : The key to success in this game is balance, flexibility. This exercise will improve your rotation movement thus will enhance the swing quality. To do this exercise, at first sit on a bench. Keep your club at your back with your arms in a way so that it sits on your elbow. Now move your torso to the right, hold for 3 seconds, and then return to the normal posture. No do this to your left side. Performed this exercise 12 times to a side.

  4. Plank : Doing a plank with strengthen your core muscle. This will also increase you stability and balance. To do this exercise, at first lie on the ground. After that get your shoulder, waist & hip up on your elbow and toe. Keep your shoulder, waist and hip in a line. Hold for 20-60 seconds. Do this 3-5 times a day.

  5. Dumbbell Bench Press : There is no such exercise that can match with bench press in terms of strength building. You can do this exercise using a dumbbell. At first lie on a bench press bench. Keep your chest, waist and hip in a straight line. Hold two appropriate dumbbells in your two hand. Slowly lower those until the dumbbells gets horizontal with your chest. Then return to the starting position at a normal speed. Do this three time with 12 reps.

By following these exercises you can attain the fitness necessary for golf game. So don’t wait do exercising.