AS GUESTS AT WATERFRONT GREENS... you are welcomed to a lovely, comfortable home, completely equipped for your perfect vacation. You have access to this quiet cove that can either slowly immerse you in the Deep Creek feeling of relaxation, or gain you entrance to the bustling, active playground of the larger lake area. You have free use of the golf courses and other sports areas, plus free rein over walking/running/biking paths and roads. You can decide whether to venture out to the commerce of the Lake Area, or have it delivered to you: bikes, kayaks, pizza, catered meals--all available at the push of a few buttons on your telephone. You can stop in at the Clubhouse, located at the end of a Lake Access trail to collapse on one of the luxurious sofas, take a bathroom break, or seek out more information on this wonderful area of Western Maryland. Summer? Stay right where you are--it's all here. Fall? Visit the State Parks or time your stay to coincide with the Autumn Glory Festival celebrated throughout Garrett County. Winter? Start with our sledding hill, then graduate to Wisp Resort for skiing, tubing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or special events. Spring? Make appointments at the North Glade Inn (part of Waterfront Greens) for Spa treatments. Any other questions? Contact us--we have more ideas.

AS PROPERTY OWNERS AT WATERFRONT GREENS... you have invested in an area that will only increase in value with time. Rental properties are in great demand. The amenities are user friendly and well maintained. Management is readily available by telephone, email or physically at the Clubhouse or at the Golf Course or Commons Areas. Problems are reviewed with dispatch; questions are summarily answered; information is collected and dispersed as received and warranted. A monthly Newsletter keeps Property Owners abreast of current happenings. An annual Directory revises ownership and contacts. Plus semi annual Property Owner Picnics keep the community feeling alive and personal. The planned operational gates are only part of the security at Waterfront Greens. Having staff present each day adds another dimension to the community. Surprises are limited when owners are kept informed. Whether you live here permanently, visit often or check on properties occasionally, Waterfront Greens becomes a welcome part of your family agenda, as the very familiar and comfortable homesite it can be.

As a Property Owner, you are kept informed of Garrett County and Western Maryland events, occurances and items of importance, as well. Although probably not permanent residents, owners are significant cogs in the Deep Creek Lake wheels.